Is Your Gluten-Free Dough too Soft and Chewy? Our Tasti-Grain is Thin and Crispy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013 by Jenny Dean

Thin Pizza CrustSo you’ve  found a few frozen dough manufacturers that offer gluten-free dough; but you’re still having trouble finding one that offers good dough? This is because it can be hard to work with gluten-free flour, and not all manufacturers can do it.

With white or whole wheat flour, the dough becomes smooth and not at all sticky while it’s being formed. This is not necessarily true for gluten-free dough. Gluten-free dough is by its very nature somewhat sticky, because it does not have the binding gluten needed to make it form into a nice smooth ball. While it’s still possible to prepare pizza using this dough, it’s evident in the finished product through the soft chewy dough. This is still fairly tasty, and still good for those with celiac disease; but not so good for those who like a crispy thin pizza crust.

At DeIorio’s though, our Tasti-Grain is gluten-free and thin and crispy. You can even buy them in shells so there’s no need to let it sit out and thaw; something else that can sometimes add to a softer dough. Our gluten-free dough balls however, are also available for those who want to offer gluten-free calzones or breadsticks to their customers.

All of our gluten-free products at DeIorio’s have been so professionally prepared, and use such a high-quality gluten-free flour that helps minimize sticking and handling issues. 

Boosting the Health Benefits of Multigrain Products

Monday, November 12, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Multigrain products, such as multigrain pizza dough, can bring a whole new flavor to your menu and health Multigrain productsbenefits that make your customers feel slightly less guilty about the indulgence. But in addition to just using multigrain dough, there are other ways that you can take these menu items and boost their health factor up another notch.

One of the tastiest, and easiest, things you can do to make whole wheat products even healthier is to top it with sugar-free sauce, or sauce that has had its sugar content reduced. Traditional pizza sauce is typically very high in sugar, which can turn into empty calories. Use low-sugar sauce, and advertise that you do so.

Also when trying to cut fat and calories, use only a very small amount of cheese but use strongly flavored cheeses such as gouda, brie, or blue cheese. These cheeses pack a punch, without needing to add huge amounts to get it.

Healthier toppings, such as turkey pepperoni, can also attract the health-conscious customer’s eye, and they bring other benefits too. For instance, did you know that turkey pepperoni isn’t just far less greasy, but it also gets crispier than pork pepperoni, too?

Offering different, and healthier, choices to your customers today is essential. But to set your business apart from the crowd even more, boost those benefits by paying attention to the details that go on top of the dough.

The Whole (Grain) Truth

Monday, July 30, 2012 by Greg Caloia

As you can see above, my name is Greg, but what you may not know is who I actually am.  Well I am new at DeIorio’s working with in Marketing and this is my first blogging assignment.  I hope it’s useful and you enjoy!

I am no expert on this subject what so ever, but I was curious (and have access to the internet) so here is what I have come to know about foods with the various “whole grain labels.”  No one is going to say that foods made with whole grain are bad for you, but just because a product has the words “whole grain” on them does not necessarily make them healthier. 

What it really boils down to is that some products labeled “made with whole grain” may actually contain very little actual whole grain in comparison to the amount of enriched or white flour in them.  This makes the product not quite as healthy for you as the package leads you to believe.  After all, products can make this claim by just using a small amount of whole grain.

One trustworthy claim that you may see on a product is 100% whole grain.  It is then that you know that the product is indeed good for you and not filled with other, not so healthy ingredients.  But not all products that are 100% whole grain display this fact with a label.  Confusing?  It can be, but there is one surefire way to know what truly is whole grain and what’s not.  Just read the ingredients list on the nutritional facts!  The first thing you read should be “whole wheat flour.”  If it’s not, don’t believe the claims on the packaging.  If it is then you’ve found a healthy product, so hopefully it tastes good too!

This blog is simply an opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinion of DeIorio Foods.

Italian Pizza Dough is Just One Part of True Italian Pizza

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Many people think that Italian pizza dough is what defines true Italian pizza; and it’s true. That Italian dough Italian Pizza Doughthat becomes brown and crispy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside is a big part of true Italian pizza. But that’s really just one part of it. The other part of it is in the toppings, and offering them to your customers along with traditional dough is all part of offering authentic Italian cuisine.

Pizza actually wasn’t born in Italy, as it’s become known to be. It was actually in Egypt and ancient Greece that people started flavoring flatbread with the herbs and spices that were locally available and then throwing them against extremely hot stones to cook them for short periods. Once Italy got a hold of the idea, they then began crushing tomatoes and adding different herbs and smothering the breads with these additional ingredients. Mozzarella was added after the buffalo came to Italy and began making the creamy cheese. It was after this final addition that the Italian pizza so many are familiar with today was created. Toppings other than cheese aren’t even necessary with authentic Italian pizza, but pepperoni is still the most traditional Italian topping.

Of course, for that perfect sauce and perfect cheese, you’ll need the right dough for your Italian pizza and when you do, come see us at DeIorios. We have all the frozen dough products you need including whole wheat, honey wheat, gluten-free, and of course, authentic Italian dough.