DeIorio's Take on a Quesadilla

Friday, May 10, 2013 by Greg Caloia

Today's recipe is for a DeIorio’s style Quesadilla/Calzone!  Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 12” Thin Crust Pizza Shell (DeIorio’s Item #535)
  • ½ Cup of cooked chopped chicken
  • 4oz Shredded Mexi-Blend Cheese
  • ¼ Cup of your choice of Salsa
  • (Optional) Add a few pinches of chopped red onion or other vegetable as desired!

Start off by preheating the oven to 450°.  Take out your 535 12” Thin Crust Shell and on one half of the shell spread out half of the cheese.  Then put your chicken, salsa and other desired ingredients on the cheese, and finally sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top.  Fold the empty half of the shell onto the half with all of the ingredients, pinch the ends together and then fold the edge up on top of itself to seal it.  Make a few slits on the top and bake for about 6 minutes depending on the oven.  Cut it into fours, serve with salsa and or sour crème and enjoy!


Is Your Gluten-Free Dough too Soft and Chewy? Our Tasti-Grain is Thin and Crispy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013 by Jenny Dean

Thin Pizza CrustSo you’ve  found a few frozen dough manufacturers that offer gluten-free dough; but you’re still having trouble finding one that offers good dough? This is because it can be hard to work with gluten-free flour, and not all manufacturers can do it.

With white or whole wheat flour, the dough becomes smooth and not at all sticky while it’s being formed. This is not necessarily true for gluten-free dough. Gluten-free dough is by its very nature somewhat sticky, because it does not have the binding gluten needed to make it form into a nice smooth ball. While it’s still possible to prepare pizza using this dough, it’s evident in the finished product through the soft chewy dough. This is still fairly tasty, and still good for those with celiac disease; but not so good for those who like a crispy thin pizza crust.

At DeIorio’s though, our Tasti-Grain is gluten-free and thin and crispy. You can even buy them in shells so there’s no need to let it sit out and thaw; something else that can sometimes add to a softer dough. Our gluten-free dough balls however, are also available for those who want to offer gluten-free calzones or breadsticks to their customers.

All of our gluten-free products at DeIorio’s have been so professionally prepared, and use such a high-quality gluten-free flour that helps minimize sticking and handling issues. 

Pizza Casserole Using Freezer to Oven Dough: Your Next Entrée Item

Friday, September 7, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Most pizza restaurant owners fear being the restaurant that “only has pizza.” Sometimes it’s just not enough. Your customers want more. So brainstorming about things you can make with your retail pizza dough, you first consider the obvious: panzarotti, stromboli, and calzones. But when you want to start offering something really different, offer pizza casserole!

Pizza casserole is simply a layered pizza that you bake deep-dish style rather than thin or regular crust. Start by sprinkling a bit of cornmeal in the bottom of a deep-dish tray so the dough doesn’t stick. Then just layer your freezer to oven dough on top, and the toppings of your (or your customer’s) choice on top of that.

Now you’ve just built a pizza, but place another layer of dough on top of the toppings, and start all over again. Do the entire layer again, including sauce and toppings. Top with cheese and you’ve got a casserole pizza!

Baking a casserole pizza is not like baking a traditional pizza. Because the pie is so thick, it will take a while for the ingredients – including the crust – to bake all the way. Start by baking the pizza casserole at the same temperature as your pizza crust. If you find the crust starts to burn, lower the heat by 50 degrees.

Pizza casserole is just one item that will make you stand out in the pizza-filled crowd. And when you want to take your pizza casserole to the next level, order the dough from us here at DeIorios!

What’s the Difference Between Thick and Thin Pizza Crust?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Frozen Pizza ShellsWhen first considering the differences between thick and thin pizza crust, they might seem pretty obvious. One is thick, while the other is not. And while that may sum up what’s different between the two, they do each have their own intended purposes; and your own preference may all depend on what you want to eat on your pizza.

Pizza that has a thick crust is considered to be the most traditional form of pizza. The pizza dough on this style isn’t really much of a dough at all but rather, a bread that forms the bottom and side layers of what could very well be labeled a casserole rather than pizza. The advantage to this type of pizza is that you can load it up with as many toppings as you’d like and fit it all comfortably in. Just make sure that you offer your customers knives and forks when they order it! Because of the thickness of these pizzas, they do take longer to cook in the oven so they can cook evenly and completely.

Thin crust pizza, such as New York style pizza dough, is much thinner, and usually the same width from the crust to the very edge of the pizza slices. This crust can be fired off very quickly; but because of the delicateness of the dough, they are also usually limited to one or two toppings. Some customers prefer this type of crust because of its crispy and crunchy texture.

Offering your customers both thin and thick pizza crust opens up their choices, and opens up the doors to your business to more people. When you need either type, get it from us here at DeIorios!


Stuffing Your Frozen Pizza Dough

Friday, July 27, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Retail Pizza DoughWhen it comes to the type of pizza you make in your restaurant, you may look at offering different types of dough in order to please the crowd. And while offering choices such as whole wheat pizza dough and New York pizza dough is a great start, there’s another type of crust you can offer – stuffed crust pizza!

You can still order the same dough you usually do; just prepare it in a slightly different manner before placing it in the oven. Sauce and cheese are the most popular ingredients to stuff in pizza crust. To do either, just place a thin layer along the edge and roll the edge of the pizza over the ingredient to seal it. Then, just bake as you normally do.

You could offer just one stuffed crust pizza in your restaurant, or you could offer many – each with their own unique ingredients ranging from blue cheese to marinated artichoke hearts! Add this one menu item to your own menu, and see just how much it helps improve your sales.

When you need the best crust for your stuffed crust pizza, get it here at DeIorios. We have all the different kinds you’re looking for, and we can give you many more menu items to use it for as well!

Offer Your Customers the Best New York Pizza with the Best New York Pizza Dough

Thursday, May 3, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Classic New York-style pizza is world-renowned, and no one can visit the Big Apple without getting an authentic taste of the stuff for themselves. But whether your business is located in the middle of Frozen Dough SuppliersManhattan, the heart of Texas, or online, you can now offer your customers the best New York pizza by using the best New York pizza dough.

New York style pizza dough is characterized by having a wide crust that while somewhat thick, also puffs up nicely, leaving it light and airy inside. This wide puff of crust becomes thinner the closer you get to the center, giving New York pizza its reputation of having a thin, crispy crust.

This delicate balance of a crust that slowly tapers off is necessary so that the outer edges of the crust can become especially crispy so that when the pizza is finished cooking, the outer crust looks almost charred.

Getting the dough just right for New York style pizza can be a challenge, as it needs to be able to withstand just the right amount of heat and take on that extra crispy look and feel without overcooking. Frozen dough products are now available and come in many different styles including New York style. Cooking the dough in a commercial pizza oven is ideal and if you plan on selling a lot of New York style pizza and don’t have one, the investment is one that’s well worth considering.

When you need the right dough, and even more tips on how to cook it to perfection, come see us at DeIorio’s. We make dough for you, so you can create the perfect pizza for your customers!