Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Delivers the Crunchiest Crust

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Italian Pizza DoughThere can be nothing better than biting down into a piece of pizza crust and hearing that huge crackle as you break through the crunchy, crispy crust. It’s this exact thing that many customers are looking for when they order pizza; it’s why California, New York, and true Italian pizza dough are so popular. But when you’re looking for something distinctive to offer your customers that still has that delightful crispy crust, consider offering whole wheat pizza dough.

Wheat pizza dough has a much different texture than dough that is made from white flour. It is not as smooth and has much heartier grains. When those grains bake, they become toasted and take on a nutty flavor that adds to the overall flavor of the crust. Even better though, the crust bakes up crispy and crunchy, for one of the loudest pieces of pizza you or your customers will ever eat!

Of course by offering whole wheat pizza, you’ll also be able to bring your customers all the other benefits that whole wheat has to bring such as complex carbs that will leave them feeling fuller for longer, and that is harder to digest – meaning fewer calories for them!

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