What Types of Pizza Dough Can You Toss?

Monday, June 18, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Italian Pizza DoughLots of restaurant owners love the idea of being able to toss their pizza dough high up in the air, and then deftly catch it, with no tears or rips whatsoever. But too many restaurant owners try to toss their dough, only to find that it doesn’t work. No matter how gentle they are, and no matter how many different tossing styles they try the dough still becomes ripped and the restaurant owner is still left with a holey pizza crust.

Why is this?

It’s because only dough made from white flour and yeast has enough elasticity to toss properly. Whole wheat pizza dough has a texture that is too rough to be tossed, and doesn’t allow for the smooth stretching that white dough does. This is because whole wheat dough doesn’t have the same amount of gluten in it as white dough, and it’s the gluten that allows dough to stretch so much. It’s also because of this that gluten-free pizza dough also doesn’t toss well at all. While whole wheat dough does still contain gluten, just not as much as white flour dough, gluten-free dough is virtually impossible to toss.

Tossing the dough for your pizzas will give your customers a little something different in every bite, and give them an experience they won’t be likely to forget any time soon. Just know the different types of dough that can be used, so that your tossing is as perfect as it should be!

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