Is Your Gluten-Free Dough too Soft and Chewy? Our Tasti-Grain is Thin and Crispy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013 by Jenny Dean

Thin Pizza CrustSo you’ve  found a few frozen dough manufacturers that offer gluten-free dough; but you’re still having trouble finding one that offers good dough? This is because it can be hard to work with gluten-free flour, and not all manufacturers can do it.

With white or whole wheat flour, the dough becomes smooth and not at all sticky while it’s being formed. This is not necessarily true for gluten-free dough. Gluten-free dough is by its very nature somewhat sticky, because it does not have the binding gluten needed to make it form into a nice smooth ball. While it’s still possible to prepare pizza using this dough, it’s evident in the finished product through the soft chewy dough. This is still fairly tasty, and still good for those with celiac disease; but not so good for those who like a crispy thin pizza crust.

At DeIorio’s though, our Tasti-Grain is gluten-free and thin and crispy. You can even buy them in shells so there’s no need to let it sit out and thaw; something else that can sometimes add to a softer dough. Our gluten-free dough balls however, are also available for those who want to offer gluten-free calzones or breadsticks to their customers.

All of our gluten-free products at DeIorio’s have been so professionally prepared, and use such a high-quality gluten-free flour that helps minimize sticking and handling issues. 

Can You Put Cheese on Tasti Grain Gluten Free Pizza?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Tasti Grain Gluten FreeMany cafeterias, restaurants, and pizza parlors know that offering their customers different choices, such as DeIorio’s Gluten Free, can boost their profits; and give those suffering from celiac disease viable options. Yet, they still refrain because they believe that celiac disease also restricts the intake of things such as meats and cheeses. But in fact, that’s not true and these are both two items that those with a gluten allergy can enjoy.

Gluten is a protein that’s found in food processed from wheat and other grain products. Therefore, if there are no wheat products in an item, such as mushrooms or cheese, they’re perfectly appropriate to use for topping gluten-free pizza.

There is one area in which restaurant owners should be careful, and that’s with cured salted meats such as pepperoni. While these don’t traditionally include gluten, they sometimes can; and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Instead, roasted or barbecued chicken, or smoked ham can be a nice substitution

If you have any concerns with regards to whether or not the cheese or sauce you use being gluten-free certifiec, be sure to contact your supplier!

Have You Checked Out The Updated DeIorio's Website?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Have you checked out our website at If you haven’t been, you need to! You’ll still find all the great pizza dough, bread dough, gluten free items and frozen breadsticks that you’ve come to expect from us at DeIorios.

Now you can find tips on just about every page. Tips on how to properly bake pizza dough, how to store our products, an updated Gluten Free page, and even a list of our products that meet new school nutrional regulations. If you’ve ever wanted to know anything about frozen pizza or bread products, you’ll now find it on our updated site.

But we want to be a real help to our customers, and help them bring in more business and so, we’ve added an entire section for market segmentation on our site too. Here you’ll find everything from the new school compliance codes, to how you can better sell your own private label pizza.

Of course you can still also find the DeIorios family story; and any way to contact us that you need. Phone, fax, email, and even an online form, we’re there to answer your questions and concerns any time you need. All you have to do is come to the website and drop us a line.

See you soon!

Gluten Free Pizza and Gluten Free Cookies – Kids Can Have It All!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 by Jenny Dean

It can be hard to find fun snacks and meals for your restaurant to offer kids that suffer from celiac disease. This disease prevents the body from digesting food properly due to a hypersensitivity to gluten in the small intestine. Gluten is found in just about everything from wheat to rye to barley and triticale; and especially in processed foods. This can make preparing meals and snacks for children difficult, as much of the standard food for kids is also heavily loaded with gluten.

But because celiac disease has gained so much awareness over the past several years, some manufacturers are starting to come out with products such as gluten free pizza and gluten free cookies; and they’re available in bulk so that restaurants can now offer them in their businesses, too. These products are of course, made without any gluten and are just as delicious as their highly-starched counterparts. And while you still might not find a huge selection of these products available from your regular supplier, there are still a few places where you can.

At DeIorios we have cookies, ready to cook pizzas, and pizza shells – all that are gluten free. Our Live Well Eat Pizza line includes a huge selection of pizza crusts and shells, and cookies, too. We know how much everybody loves a good snack; and having celiac disease shouldn’t stop them from having it. Check us out at DeIorios and after trying our tasty and gluten free products, you’ll be confident knowing you’re serving a delicious and healthy lunch for everyone, and it won’t be long before you see your profits soar from offering products few else do!

Italian Pizza Dough is Just One Part of True Italian Pizza

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 by Jenny Dean

Many people think that Italian pizza dough is what defines true Italian pizza; and it’s true. That Italian dough Italian Pizza Doughthat becomes brown and crispy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside is a big part of true Italian pizza. But that’s really just one part of it. The other part of it is in the toppings, and offering them to your customers along with traditional dough is all part of offering authentic Italian cuisine.

Pizza actually wasn’t born in Italy, as it’s become known to be. It was actually in Egypt and ancient Greece that people started flavoring flatbread with the herbs and spices that were locally available and then throwing them against extremely hot stones to cook them for short periods. Once Italy got a hold of the idea, they then began crushing tomatoes and adding different herbs and smothering the breads with these additional ingredients. Mozzarella was added after the buffalo came to Italy and began making the creamy cheese. It was after this final addition that the Italian pizza so many are familiar with today was created. Toppings other than cheese aren’t even necessary with authentic Italian pizza, but pepperoni is still the most traditional Italian topping.

Of course, for that perfect sauce and perfect cheese, you’ll need the right dough for your Italian pizza and when you do, come see us at DeIorios. We have all the frozen dough products you need including whole wheat, honey wheat, gluten-free, and of course, authentic Italian dough.